Urban Presence is a Christian organisation and U.K. registered charity seeking to resource Christians, churches and organisations living and working in inner-city Manchester, England, and to make the wider Church aware of and take responsibility for the 'mission-field on it's doorstep'.


In the Bible Jesus talks about those who follow him as being salt and light in the world (Matt 5 v13-14). In Manchester around 75% of the population live in the urban areas of the city, but 75% of the Christian population live in the suburban areas. This means most of the salt and light is spread among a minority of the people. Urban Presence is about trying to address that imbalance.

"Should I not be concerned for that great city?"
Jonah 4 v11

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"Effective urban ministry requires that the whole church take the whole gospel to the whole city. Urban Presence is stepping in the gap to help the body of Christ in Manchester do just that."

Dr Raymond J Bakke
- author of "The Urban Christian"

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