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John Hayes

July 2015. Bishop Laurie Green of the National Estate Churches Network. "The Estate We're In" - issues for housing estate mission and ministry.


John Hayes

November 2011. John Hayes, founder of InnerCHANGE and author of the book 'Sub-merge: Living Deep in a Shallow World'.

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Mark Powley June 2011. Mark Powley from Breathe - A Christian Network for Simpler Living, author of 'Comsumer Detox',
refurbnov08 November 2008. What's God got to do with it? A day of "down to earth theology for the front line" with Mark Perrott from the Catalyst Trust.
andytmar08 March 2008. Andy Turner, CUF-X.
refurbjan08b January 2008. Ann Morisy. A day on aspects of mission.
Recording available.
boblinth June 2007. Dr Bob Linthicum. A day on Community Organising.
Recording available.
refurbfeb07 Febraury 2007. Greg Turk & Brian Gilman, Los Angeles. Part of PeaceWeek 2007.
btebbutt2 October 2006. Brian Tebbutt. Looking at Growth Groups.
rfb_ap06 April 2006. Food, sharing and praying
robcott2 January 2006. Rob Cotton, Bible Society.
sept05frb September 2005. Kathryn Copsey & Dave King.
may05rfb May 2005. Chris Baker, William Temple Foundation.
jan05rfb January 2005. Mike Love, Together for Peace, Leeds.
Recording available.
sep04rfb September 2004. Greg Smith.
tc_rfb2 April 2004. Dr. Tony Campolo.
Recordings available.
jan04rfb January 2004. Stuart Murray-Williams, Urban Expression.
nov03rfb November 2003. Sir Fred Catherwood.

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