Urban Presence can offer
  • Urban Church Consultancy: To help churches determine their needs through Community Audit, Church Audit, Vision Audit.

  • Bivocational Urban Ministry Agency: Recruitment and placement of bivocational workers. These are Christians who respond to what is basically a 'missionary call' to move to an urban area and live and worship there while continuing in their existing jobs.

  • Urban Parachurch Support: Pastoral and management involvement in para-church organisations working in the inner-city. Encouraging and initiating further urban projects by such organisations in support of urban churches.

  • Encouraging and networking those involved in Urban Ministry: Through the RefUrb event and many personal contacts and relationships with those living and/or working in urban situations.

  • Urban Ministry Orientation and Training: Introductory and ongoing training for those in lay urban ministry or seeking to explore a possible call to urban ministry. Courses have been run in association with the Nazarene Theological College.

  • Practical Resources: Design and production of good quality publicity, newsletters, web-pages etc. Help with event planning and staging.

  • Urban Church Planting: Some urban areas have no organised existing Christian witness on which to build. For these we would look to recruit and train teams using the 'Oikos' church planting model.

  • Worker Ministers: Exploring with trained ministers possibilities of ministry in industry along the lines of the 'Worker Priest' model. They would be linked with an urban church or church plant.