Urban Presence to close as a charity

UPDATE: August 2020. We were planning to close Urban Presence as a charity in 2020, but due to the Coronavirus crisis this has been put back to March 2021. The decision to close came about through a year-long process of thinking, reflecting and prayer. Here's why:
  • The associates now have their own accountability (though informal relating and mentoring would continue).
  • Our Refurb meeting has stopped, in part due to other networks which overlap.
  • Derek is mostly involved locally now in North Manchester.
  • Paul is part of a number of local and national networks and charities and will continue with these, though is making some changes in commitment levels in 2020.
  • It is some time since we used the Urban Presence charitable status to incubate another group (e.g. Carisma, Street Pastors).
  • We’re* getting old! (*except Hannah!)
  • The trustees feel they can continue their advisory role informally.

But we're not going out without another tilt at the windmill called urban mission by making a clear statement about the continuing need for mission in urban/inner-city/overspill/estate deprived areas. We are proposing a final series of meetings through 2020 (see below), and have made two videos. The first of these aims to capture the essence of what we have been about and continue to see as a challenge to the church: the passing on of a baton. View it here. The second video features four of the many we have worked with over the years, speaking about their work, challenges, opportunities and changes they have seen. View it here.

We will still continue to do what we do but as individuals and without the structure of a formal charity.

UP baton

  • Our final two Refurb meetings were in the spring, pre-lockdown, but still to come - Covid permitting - are:

  • “Urban Mission, another tilt” Saturday March 20, 2021. This will be a joint day with the Nazarene Theological College looking at aspects of urban mission and ministry, such as calling, context and training. Contributors include Stuart Murray-Williams, Deirdre Brower-Latz and Greg Smith. More details and booking here.

  • On March 25, 2021, as the final official Urban Presence event, we will be hosting a meal for those who have supported and walked with us over the years. If you would like to know more, please send an email.

More details and information about what each of us will be doing next (clue: more of the same) can be found on our newsletter available here.